Extra Murals

Extra Murals

Extra murals are optional except for music and manners 4 minors, which both form part of our curriculum.


Extra mural’s offered are:

Junior Gymnastics

– gymnastics for the little ones. Great for co-ordination and physical development!

Yogi Buds

– Yoga for children. It helps children to develop strength, flexibility, co-ordination and awareness.

Little Potters

– Pottery classes. One of the only extramural activities to focus solely on fine motor skill development, which is crucial to children’s intellectual development.

C Maths

– Teaches and develops children’s math skills. An essential first step!


– Aides in sport and movement development. Playball stimulates motor functions, and this in turn ensures school readiness and optimal brain development.

Dance Mouse

– A unique and diverse dance programme that teaches children rhythm, technique and self-confidence.


– Various music programmes are available.

Manners 4 Minors

– An important and effective programme that teaches children the importance of good manners and proper etiquette.

Baobab Kids

Baobab Kids